Square Rose Door Handles

Square rose door handles have a square-shaped backplate (rose), which looks more elegant and modern than its more traditional oval and round counterparts. Moreover, square rose door handles offer a distinct, visually appealing and geometrically pleasing modern aesthetic that can perfectly complement contemporary or minimalist interior styles, and provide both a decorative and functional element to the overall design.

All square interior door handles from our offer are crafted from robust and durable materials: brass and zamac (ZnAl) in order to ensure longevity, resilience to daily use, and high resistance to wear and tear. The edges of the square rose can be sharp and defined or slightly rounded for a softer look, depending on the specific design.

APRILE square handles for doors are available in various finishes, such as chrome, anthracite, nickel, graphite or copper, allowing for easy customization to match different interior themes and colour schemes.

Popular categories

Lever Door Handle on Square Rose

APRILE square lever door handles are available in a wide array of finishes to suit different design preferences: black, gold, silver, chrome, white, anthracite, nickel, graphite, or copper. These finishes not only enhance the appearance of every handle but also protect the it from corrosion and tarnishing.

Our square rose door handles are extremely versatile and can complement a wide range of interior design styles, including but not limited to modern, contemporary, or minimalist interiors, where their sharp, clean lines and sleek appearance align well with the overall aesthetic.

Despite their general angular design, APRILE square rose door handles are crafted with ergonomic considerations to ensure a comfortable grip and ease of use. Every handle’s surface is designed to fit the hand comfortably, allowing for smooth operation when opening or closing doors.