Floor Door Stop

Floor door stops (also known as door bumpers) are small devices, usually with rubber elements, designed to protect doors, walls, furniture, and other house fixtures from potential damage caused by the impact of a swinging or closing door. The choice of door stopper in floor type and its exact placement depends on the specific needs and the space where they are to be used. In floor door stop is a cost-effective and practical solution to prevent common forms of damage caused by doors in homes, offices, and other interiors.

Popular categories

Door Stopper For Floor

Door stopper on the floor is commonly used to prevent the doorknob/handle or the edge of the door from causing dents, scuffs, or holes in the wall. In addition to protecting walls, door bumpers can also be used to safeguard nearby furniture. They prevent doors from scratching or denting furniture pieces like cabinets, bookshelves, and tables when the door swings open or shut. Every floor door stop available in APRILE offer is designed to act as a cushion, absorbing the force of the impact and preventing damage to the wall or furniture.

Floor Mounted Door Stops

These stops are typically installed on the floor behind the door to absorb the impact of a door closing. They are commonly used in commercial settings, less often in residential interiors. Thanks to the design, APRILE floor door stops and bumpers can significantly reduce noise caused by the door hitting the wall. When a door closes gently and makes contact with a soft door stopper in floor, it produces much less noise compared to a door slamming against a hard surface.

Half Moon Door Stop

Half moon shaped door stops available in APRILE offer have contemporary, simple, and ergonomic design, and are available in a wide variety of finishes and colours. Thanks to this, you can easily find a floor door stop that is perfectly matched to the style of pretty much any interior. All our half moon door stops provide a soft cushion when the door swings open or closed. They are particularly useful for preventing doorknob damage to walls.

Heavy Duty Door Stop Floor Mount

This type of floor door stops is designed to easily withstand opening and closing of doors (intentional or accidental) in spaces with a heavy traffic. High-quality APRILE floor door stoppers are made of durable, quality materials in order to guarantee long-term use in such settings, both residential and commercial.

Stylish Floor Mounted Door Holder

APRILE floor door stops are an irreplaceable solution not only when it comes to protecting your interiors, but also when adding a distinctive style and character to a given space thanks to a wide variety of models available in our offer.