Door Handles On Rose

Door handles on rose are a popular type of door hardware used in residential and commercial interiors. A characteristic feature of rose handles is a design where the handle or knob is fixed to a small plate, usually circular or square. This plate is called a „rose”, and the name „lever on rose handles” refers to that specific type of door handle. The rose itself is typically attached to the door, and it serves both a functional and decorative purpose.

Popular categories

Lever On Rose Door Handle

Thanks to their harmonious compositions and classic proportions, all APRILE door handles on rose have elegant and timeless appearance. A sleek and minimalist design of our handles is meant to complement a wide range of interior styles, from classic and traditional to the most modern ones. In order to ensure that our door handles on rose will serve you for many years to come, we produce them from zamac (ZnAl), thanks to which APRILE handles are extremely durable and comfortable to use. Door handles on rose available in our offer can feature either lever handles or round knobs. Typically, lever handles are considered more ergonomic and accessible, while knobs are more popular in classic interior arrangements due to their subtle elegance.

Square Rose Door Handles

These handles are very popular nowadays and can be used in various kinds of interiors, as well as with both classic and modern doors. Thanks to the fact that the rose plate is square, these handles go especially well with geometric-oriented interior arrangements, and are often chosen for commercial spaces. The range of possible finishes of APRILE square rose door handles is really wide, including polished chrome, satin nickel, matt gold, black, and more, which allows homeowners and designers to find in our offer a finish that perfectly matches the overall decor.

Round Rose Lever Door Handles

Slightly less popular than handles on square rose, these handles are increasingly common in commercial and industrial spaces, where they provide not only functionality but also style and elegance. A wide range of door handles on round rose available in APRILE offer allows you to easily choose a handle that perfectly matches your needs and expectations, as well as the overall interior design and all finishing elements.

Internal Door Handles On Rose

Door handles on rose are a popular choice for interior and exterior doors, offering a highly sought-after combination of maximum functionality and unparalleled aesthetics. They provide a clean and sophisticated look while allowing for a variety of design options to suit different architectural styles and personal preferences.

APRILE door handles on rose are manufactured from high-quality materials and have finishes that are strongly resistant to wear and tear, ensuring the longevity of the hardware. Our handles are also easy to maintain, as it typically involves only periodic cleaning and inspection to ensure that the screws are tight and that all the mechanisms function correctly.