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We offer a wide range of premium quality door handles that will both serve you for years and please the eye.

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Quince Q

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Sulla Q

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Lunaria Q

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Utrica R

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Robinia R

Petunia R

Peonia R

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Marigold R

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Lobelia R

Lira R

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Kalmia R

Irga R

Inula R

Hiacynta R

Gerbera R

Gardenia R

Funkia R

Tiarella R

Papavera R

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Lavanda R

Euphorbia R

Detazia R

Deglasia R

Camelia R

Fragola R

Dalia R

Cynia R

Azalia R

Asteria R

Arnica R

Aria R

Arabis R

Ambrosia R

Alora R

Sulla Q – window handle

Pyrola Q -window handle

Hosta Q – window handle

Funkia Q – window handle

Erba Q – window handle

Arnica Q – window handle

Arabis Q – window handle

Verbena R – window handle

Popular categories

Door Handles

Door handles greatly influence a door’s aesthetic and functionality, so the ones available in our offer come in diverse designs. APRILE internal door handles, crafted from zamac (ZnAl) and brass, ensure exceptional durability even in high-traffic areas. We offer a wide range of finishes and colours, focusing on sleek, unique designs with classic proportions. Every APRILE lever door handle was designed by a renowned designer, showcasing harmonious forms and unique aesthetics. We use only top-quality materials, advanced technology, and uncompromising workmanship.

Door Knobs

Door knobs have become increasingly popular both in residential and commercial settings. The simple yet elegant cylindrical or spherical shapes of door knobs from APRILE offer guarantee adding elegance and character to any interior, and providing a stylish and sophisticated touch that enhances the aesthetic of doors. Every door knob handle available in our offer was carefully designed and manufactured using only the highest quality materials. APRILE door knobs are available in various styles, finishes, and colours, are practical and affordable, and can be fitted for easy operation in either direction. Explore our range for the perfect knob to add unique charm to your doors.

Flush Sliding Door Handles

Sliding door pull handles available in our offer have simple yet refined designs that complement diverse interior styles, and were crafted with classic proportions and divisions in mind. A unique blend of practical functionality and aesthetic appeal, APRILE flush pull handles ensure both form and function, elevating the usability and appearance of pocket doors, and providing a sleek, functional solution for opening and closing pocket doors without the need for visible handles or knobs. Manufactured from brass and zamac, our flush pull handles guarantee durability, wear resistance, and safety.

Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs serve as both functional and decorative hardware for opening and closing cabinets, drawers, or furniture. That’s why cabinet handles available in our offer come in diverse styles and colours, and have simple, original, well-balanced designs. APRILE uses zamac (ZnAl) as a base material, ensuring durability, aesthetics, practicality, and easy maintenance. All designs of our cabinet knobs are based on harmonious compositions and classic proportions, ensuring aesthetic appeal and usability of furniture. APRILE cabinet knobs are available in various shapes and finishes, providing an elegant solution and coordinating seamlessly with diverse interior design themes.

Floor Door Stop

Floor door stop serves as a safeguard for doors, walls, furniture, and household fixtures, protecting from potential damage caused by the impact of a swinging or closing door. APRILE selection of floor door stops is a cost-effective and practical solution to prevent common forms of damage caused by doors in homes, offices, and other interiors. Our door bumpers will effectively protect walls from dents, scuffs, or holes caused by the doorknob, handle, or the edge of the door, and will act as a safeguard for nearby furniture. APRILE offers a range of floor-mounted door stops in contemporary, simple, and ergonomic designs, available in various finishes and colours to match any interior style. In addition to protection, APRILE floor door stops add a touch of style to interiors with a wide variety of models available, making them an essential and distinctive solution for enhancing the character of any space.

Window Handles

Window handles are crucial hardware for the internal operation of windows, allowing users to open or close, lock in place, and control ventilation and security. APRILE window handles, made from high-quality zamac and brass, are compatible with modern windows, including uPVC or other materials and can endure repeated use even in high-traffic areas. Available in various designs and finishes, APRILE window handles complement any interior style. For design coherence, our window handles match selected door handle models, providing aesthetic order in both commercial and residential interiors. When replacement is necessary, our handles are compatible with modern window types, ensuring a secure seal, reducing drafts, and enhancing insulation.