At APRILE, we believe that every detail matters and is important – even the smallest one, and holistic approach to the design is the best way to create a unique atmosphere and comfortable interior. That’s why we attach great importance to ensuring that every door handle, furniture handle, window handle, and all other products available in our offer, is refined down to the smallest detail, well-thought-out and manufactured from the highest quality materials with uncompromising workmanship.

Looking for an APRILE retailer in your region?

If you are looking for APRILE retailers and dealers in your country, please take a note that our premium door handles are currently available in the following European countries:

Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, United Kingdom

The number of countries where APRILE products are available still grows, so please stay tuned and wait for the news regarding the availability of APRILE door handles and knobs in your country!

Want to become an APRILE dealer?

If you have a good understanding of your local market, want to build and maintain a long-term partnership with APRILE, and want to make your business thrive more and more, we will be glad to hear from you. At the moment, we are looking for dealers in the following countries:

Albania, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Luxemburg, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey

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