About us

Aprile brand is a new proposition of door handles’ aesthetics. By employing language of a modern design it expresses renascence of universal beauty, return to harmonious compositions and classical ratios. We put to use knowledge and experience of our designers and experts. We are a guarantee that every handle with Aprile logo on it is down to the last detail.

Meet our designers

Our team of designers is composed of professional, talented and renowed people who stand out from the crowd due to their comprehensive thinking and originative craftsmanship.

Tomek Rygalik

Maja Ganszyniec

Jan Kochański

Our values

Our goal is to meet high expectations of our customers.

We achieve it by designing esthetical and enduring products in cooperation with world renowned specialists.

Our designers make certain that Aprile door handles will be crown jewels of every interior.

Materials of highest quality, advanced technological processes, and experience of acclaimed worldwide producers guarantee flawless execution of design and comfortable usage of Aprile door handles.