Cabinet Knobs

Cabinet knobs, along with furniture pulls (or cabinet handles, as they are sometimes called), are functional and decorative hardware components that can be used to open and close cabinets, drawers, and various other types of furniture. Although traditionally cabinet knobs refer to a very specific type of design, nowadays the terms „knob,” „pull,” and „handle” are often used interchangeably with each other, despite differences in appearance and manner of operation.

Popular categories

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet handles come in a wide range of styles and designs, and can be made from various materials – from metal (such as brass, or stainless steel), to wood, glass, or ceramic. In APRILE, we know that the choice of material heavily influences the style and durability of the pull, so we decided to use zamac (ZnAl) as a base material. Thanks to this choice, our cabinet door handles are extremely durable, aesthetic, practical, and very easy to maintain. Moreover, APRILE furniture pulls do not require much maintenance to keep them looking their best: our cabinet knobs need only occasional wiping or cleaning.

Drawer Knobs

Black, elegant, and uniquely designed APRILE drawer knobs can be used as a great alternative to traditional drawer pulls or drawer handles, especially in smaller interiors, where knobs are a more natural choice. Our drawer knobs are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes, allowing you to choose the furniture hardware pieces that best suit your needs and tastes.

Cabinet Door Handles

Cabinet door handles (commonly known also as furniture pulls) from APRILE are available in a variety of styles to match different interior design themes, from traditional, rustic, or vintage, to modern, industrial, and contemporary. The designs of APRILE cupboard handles are rather simple, but original and well-balanced, based on harmonious compositions and classic proportions. Thanks to this, we offer our customers cupboard handles that fulfill their expectations and needs, and are aesthetically pleasing, devoid of mannerisms, or temporary trends.

Cupboard Door Handles

Cupboard handles should coordinate with the overall design of a room or piece of furniture. That’s why APRILE black cupboard handles are designed to be easily matched with other hardware, such as knobs or other accessories, as well as with elements in a given space, like colour schemes or architectural features.

Cupboard Door Knobs

In order to create a unique and cohesive look, furniture pulls should be chosen to suit individual preferences and interior design requirements. As essential details in interior design, cupboard knobs serve both functional and decorative purposes. They can significantly enhance the aesthetic and usability of various furniture pieces, so when selecting cabinet handles, it’s crucial to consider the overall design theme to ensure they complement the space as intended.