Door handles

Door handles are common architectural and functional components that serve as the most popular means of opening and closing doors. They come in various designs and shapes, and can greatly influence the overall aesthetic and functionality of a door. Door handle can be made from a variety of materials, including metal (stainless steel, brass, aluminium etc.), plastic, glass, or other materials, depending on the type, purpose, and installation location.

Popular categories

Internal Door Handles

The choice of material and finish has significant impact on the handle’s durability, appearance, and cost. That’s why all internal door handles available in our offer are manufactured from zamac (ZnAl) and brass, thanks to which they are extremely durable and can withstand even intensive use in high-traffic areas. When it comes to the available finishes, APRILE door handles come with a wide variety of them, applied not only to enhance the appearance of our door handles but also to protect interior door levers against wear and corrosion. 

In our offer are available black door handles (perfect for contemporary spaces), satin chrome door handles (ideal for minimalist interiors), gold door handles (polished or matt, for glamour spaces), and many other door handles, in more colours and finishes.

Modern Door Handles

Modern door handles can have different shapes, but in APRILE we focus on sleek, simple, yet unique designs based on harmonious compositions and classic proportions. We believe that by avoiding mannerised designs and temporary trends, we can create timeless, universal beauty, and this conviction is clearly visible in APRILE door handles designs.

Our lever handles are simple, elegant, and have balanced forms, allowing you to easily complement any interior with a touch of timeless exclusivity.

Designer Levers

All lever handles available in our offer are designed by renowned designers, with years of experience and full of creative, original ideas that are translated to the language of contemporary design. This results in harmonious, balanced forms and unique aesthetics. We use only the highest quality materials, advanced technological processes, and uncompromising workmanship to deliver the best quality internal door handles.

Modern Door Levers

Our door handles significantly contribute to both the functionality and the aesthetics of doors, playing a crucial role in providing access to spaces while also being a practical, decorative component of your every interior.