Flush Sliding Door Handles

APRILE sliding door pull handles are designed to cater to different preferences and interior styles without any mannerisms or complicated, unnecessarily rich forms. Instead, we decided to focus on timeless beauty, so all our handles have simple, yet elegant forms, and are designed with the use of classic proportions and divisions. Every flush pull handle from our offer is manufactured by experienced manufacturers from the highest quality materials, using advanced technological processes and uncompromising workmanship.

Popular categories

Pocket Door Handles

Flush door handles for pocket doors are designed to facilitate opening and closing of pocket doors without hampering their main feature, ie. the possibility to hide such a door inside the wall. Every door handle for pocket door offered by APRILE is a practical accessory that serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose, enhancing the overall usability and appearance of pocket doors, and influencing the safety, comfort, and aesthetics of a given interior.

Pocket Door Edge Pull

Pocket door flush pull handle is meant to allow you to easily remove the door from its wall pocket without using excessive force. This type of flush door pull is mounted on the edge of the door (hence the name), providing a discreet and functional solution for opening and closing pocket doors without the need for a visible door handle or knob. Edge pulls from APRILE offer are a great choice for modern or minimalist designs where clean lines and a seamless appearance are desired, they will also look great in all types of commercial spaces.

Modern Flush Pull

All flush pull handles available in our offer are manufactured from highest quality, durable metals (brass and zamac), thanks to which they are highly resistant to wear and tear, and are also safe to use. Due to their sturdiness, sleek design, and elegance, APRILE flush sliding door handles are perfect for all interiors with a heavy traffic, whether residential or commercial ones.

APRILE Sliding Door Flush Handles

Apart from the rectangular flush sliding door handles, in APRILE range are also available stylish and beautiful round or square pocket door pulls. All our flush sliding door handles do not protrude from the surface of the door, and are designed to be fully functional, providing a secure grip for opening doors. Thanks to this, APRILE flush door handles for sliding doors suit different design preferences, and are an ideal choice for applications where a clean, modern, or minimalist aesthetic is desired.

Recessed Pull Handles

This type of door flush handle works best if there’s a need to fully recess the door into the opening, creating this way a sleek and smooth streamlined appearance. Recessed door handles for sliding doors available in our offer are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings, from minimalistic, contemporary residential designs to modern commercial applications. Recessed sliding door handles from APRILE offer provide a practical solution for those who look for handles that integrate seamlessly with the surrounding surface, creating a clean and uncluttered appearance.