Door knobs

Appropriately selected accessories and fixings can play a decisive role not only in the overall character and impression of a given interior but also in its functionality. That’s why door knobs are more and more commonly used nowadays, as they often allow for emphasizing the individuality of an interior without dominating the whole space. This is true not only in the case of residential settings – it’s exactly the same for commercial interiors as well. Simple, yet elegant and timeless cylindrical or spherical shape of a door knob can make all the difference between „standard” and „unique”.

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Main Types of Door Knobs

Door knobs come in so many different types and models that it’s practically impossible to list them all here. The basic divisions, though, are as follows:
round door knobs (perfect for wooden, classic doors)
square door knobs (an ideal choice for interiors that are more modern or industrial in style)

Door knobs can also be:
– right or left
– single-sided or double-sided
– movable or fixed
– privacy or passage

Door Knobs for Internal Doors - Advantages

There are many benefits of using door knobs in your house – here are some of the most important ones:

– door knobs are available in a variety of styles, finishes, colours, and materials, so you should have little to no problem with finding a perfect match for your doors
– door knobs are stylish and give that elegant, sophisticated feel to pretty much every door, improving your home’s aesthetic
– door knobs are very practical and affordable and can be fitted (with the right latches) to allow turning the knob either way
– door knobs won’t snag your clothes or bag

Door Knobs - Things to Consider

There are several factors you should always take into consideration when deciding about using door knobs in your interiors:
door knobs do not provide as much grip as traditional door handles, which can make them a bit difficult to operate easily for some people (children and the elderly, for example) there are some types of doors that can make it difficult for you to find well-matched door knobs (eg., full glass doors)

What’s also important is the fact that there are doors in which standard solutions (door handles, namely) won’t be a good choice or won’t work at all: doors with access control, as well as swinging or sliding doors, are perfect examples of that issue.

Aprile - Modern Door Knobs for Every Interior

All our door knobs are carefully designed to enhance the aesthetics of any interior they’re fitted it and to add elegance and character to it. Aprile door knobs are available in a variety of shapes, colours and designs, so you could find a perfect knob whether you prefer classic chic, modern simplicity, or extravagant style.

Check out our range of door knobs and find a perfect ones that will add unique charm to your doors.