Gold door handles

Gold door handles are coated with a gold-coloured finish, thanks to which they add a sense of luxury, sophistication, opulence, and exclusivity to an interior. This makes them often used in spaces arranged in glamour style, where they perfectly complement the overall atmosphere with an elegant splendour and glitz.

But gold interior door handles are also more and more often used in contemporary designs, where they highlight the space in a very distinctive, yet discreet and refined way. Thanks to that, APRILE gold lever door handles are also a great choice for upscale residences, hotels, and other premium establishments.

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Guava RTH L

Hedera RTH L

Quince Q

Querca Q

Mora Q

Ruta R

Ortica R

Calla R

Plumeria RTH

Lupina RTH

Gladiola RTH

Carlina RTH

Brisa RTH

Yuka RT

Pina RT

Ismena RT

Yuka Q

Tilia Q

Sulla Q

Stella Q

Setia Q

Salvia Q

Salice Q

Raflesia Q

Pyrola Q

Primula Q

Pina Q

Pea Q

Ninfea Q


Lunaria Q

Lila Q

Larice Q

Jasmina Q

Ismena Q

Iris Q

Hosta Q

Funkia Q

Fresia Q

Erica Q

Erba Q

Bergenia Q

Arnica Q

Arabis Q

Alisso Q

Viola R

Verbena R

Utrica R

Tulipa R

Silena R

Rosemary R

Rosa R

Robinia R

Petunia R

Peonia R

Orchide R

Oleandro R

Ninfea R

Nerina R

Molinia R

Marigold R

Luna R

Lobelia R

Lira R

Kerria R

Kalmia R

Irga R

Inula R

Hiacynta R

Gerbera R

Gardenia R

Funkia R

Tiarella R

Papavera R

Lorenza R

Lavanda R

Euphorbia R

Detazia R

Deglasia R

Camelia R

Fragola R

Dalia R

Cynia R

Azalia R

Asteria R

Arnica R

Aria R

Arabis R

Ambrosia R

Alora R

Sulla Q – window handle

Pyrola Q -window handle

Hosta Q – window handle

Funkia Q – window handle

Erba Q – window handle

Arnica Q – window handle

Arabis Q – window handle

Verbena R – window handle

Silena R – window handle

Oleandro R -window handle

Gold Internal Door Handles - Style and Elegance

Gold interior door handles from our offer have a distinct gold colour, ranging from a bright yellow gold to a more subdued, antique-like satin gold. APRILE gold door handles are available with a polished finish, there are also available matte gold door handles in our offer, so you can easily match the style and finish to your needs and expectations. What's more, gold interior door handles available in our offer come in a variety of simple, timeless designs, so you can match them to pretty much any style - from traditional to contemporary.

All APRILE gold door handles are designed to be durable and resistant to tarnish or corrosion - we decided to use zamac (ZnAl) and brass in our designs to ensure that our handles will complement the overall décor of your space for the years to follow. Precise workmanship and premium materials used in our handles are the best guarantee of the quality of every single handle from APRILE offer.

In order to help you with maintaining a cohesive look of all your interiors, APRILE gold door handles are available as design sets with gold-coloured door knobs and furniture handles available in our offer.